Yummy Butter “You Butter Believe it!”

$7.50 per lb.

Half pound of creamy butter with a light sweetness. On beautiful pink background.background

Use our Yummy Sweet Butter on breakfast toast, pancakes, waffles, desserts, cornbread, sweet potatoes, popcorn, or wherever you’d like a sweet note.

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We met Bianca and Michael Clarkson of Yummy Butter -” You Butter Believe it!” at Met Park’s Farmer’s Market and fell in love with these richly flavored, creamy specialty butters.
We love every flavor! You will too!
Sweet Butter for toast or sweet potatoes.
Garlic Butter is perfect for making shrimp scampi, or any chicken dish shine!
Seafood Butter has all the right seasonings for shellfish and fish recipes.
Lemon Pepper Butter pairs perfectly with veggies, meats, chicken and seafood!

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Different Flavors

Sweet Yummy Butter,
Garlic Yummy Butter,
Seafood Yummy Butter,
Lemon Pepper Butter