Whether you’re celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas or just having a family gathering, Liberty Delight Farms has delicious roasts for your meal. It’s definitely our favorite time of year.

We have featured some of the most delicious, hormone free, all natural and free-range meats just for you! It’s simple to get started. 

Use our form below to order your Holiday Roasts before the deadline quickly approaches. As always you can expect the highest quality from us. You’ll receive an email to confirm your order. 

2017 Holiday Roasts Order Form


  • Order Your Holiday Roasts

    Some items below are by the pound, and others are by quantity.
    • Select how many lbs. you'd like. Each rib is approx. 2 - 2.5lbs.
    • Approximately 4lbs Each
    • Average Leg of Lamb is 5 - 7 lbs.
    • Average Rack of Lamb is 2 - 2.5lbs.
    • Average roast is 6 - 8 lbs.
    • Frozen and limited quantities. 18 - 22lbs.
    • Average roast is 6 - 8lbs.
    • Each roast averages 3 - 4lbs.
  • Would you like to order other meats that you don't see here? List them below and we will confirm the availability.
  • Select Your Pick Up Locations

    You have two options for pick up locations. You can pick up at the farm or at specific farmer's markets. A pick up location is required.
  • Please note the dates of your Farmer's Market Pick Up Location.
  • Please note the date and times. There will be no farm pick ups on Christmas Eve.