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All naturally raised, our Angus and Simmental cows are pasture raised on 100 acres of rolling hills.  The water they drink comes from a sustainable gravity flow system piping in fresh streamwater.  They enjoy a diet free of hormones, stimulants or antibiotics and preservatives.

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We raise happy Berkshire pigs, they are renowned for their richness, texture, juiciness, tenderness and overall depth of flavor. It is thought by many to be the Kobe beef of pork. Our Pork is antibiotic, stimulant and hormone free.

Farm share meat -Chicken


Both Ameraucana and White Cornish  Cross Broiler chickens live in a cage-free range environment on Liberty Delight Farms.  We grow meaty happy chickens and enjoy both beautiful extra large brown eggs and BLUE eggs!   They are fed a diet free of stimulants, growth hormones and antibiotics.

Farm share with liberty


We raise New Zealand and Silver Fox Rabbits.  They are fed an all natural vegetarian diet and receive an abundance of light and fresh air.  At any given time we have over 200 furry friends. The rabbits are raised naturally with no antibiotics, growth stimulants or hormones.

Farm share with liberty -Lamb


 Katahdin and Suffolk breeds comprise the herd of Sheep.  These docile animals are pasture and forage raised without antibiotics, growth hormones or stimulants.

Farm share with liberty


Our Broad Breasted White Turkeys are all raised with no growth hormones, antibiotics or stimulants.  They are large birds fed an all natural diet and pasture raised.

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At Liberty Delight Farms, we strive for three things: health, happiness and sustainability.  Our animals are pasture raised without stimulants, growth hormones and are antibiotic free.  As we continue to grow, our structures are built with agriculture at the forefront,  honoring our surrounding natural preserve. We participate in many educational efforts to lead natural farming practices and build future sustainable success.

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What is our “Farm Share” program?

Our Farm Share Program is based on the CSA model in that members prepay for a share of meat that we produce this season.  Each month we provide members with an assortment of pasture raised Beef, Chicken, Pork and Turkey.  All meat is frozen and the share contents include but are not limited to steaks, roasts, sausage, ground meats and chicken.

Meet Shane, Your Farmer!

Shane Hughes, farmer and owner of Liberty Delight Farms, began his lifelong passion for farming on his family’s historic property in Reisterstown, Maryland.  After years of working in corporate finance, he returned to his roots of farming.  Within eight years, he has grown the farm from 10 head of cattle to a thriving agricultural business built on the cornerstones that are the foundation of Liberty Delight Farms: health, happiness and sustainability.

We’re Always Active With Our Community!

At Liberty Delight Farms, we love to have company come and visit with us and our animals!  We host a variety of groups throughout the year.  Whether you are a middle school or college student, a trip to the farm can be very educational.  We pride ourselves in sharing our sustainability efforts, knowledge of animal husbandry and giving a  “behind the scenes” peek at the operations of our thriving agricultural business.

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Surrounded by Natural Reserves, LDF is a hidden gem

Just outside of Old Town Reisterstown, MD, LDF is nestled in the corner between Soldier’s Delight Natural Reserve and the Liberty Reservoir.  Soldiers Delight is a rocky State Park that hosts 39 endangered species including birds and butterflies.  The park is a favorite for hikers, bird watchers, photographers and Letterboxing scavenger hunts.

The streams that run through LDF all head to Liberty Reservoir which is owned by the department of public works of Baltimore.  Filled with protected wildlife, this fishing hotspot is also full of four legged friends like beavers, coyotes and foxes.

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Great Zeus Dog Food

We created Great Zeus dog food with the health and wellness in mind of our best dog friends.  It is all natural raw dog food that is frozen into patties for easy and nutritious meal solutions.  Great Zeus dog food is uncooked and unheated.  It is formulated with muscle meat, organ meat, ground bone, low carbohydrate vegetables and supplements, retaining all natural enzymes and maximum values of nutrients. Our vegetables include sweet potatoes, broccoli, and carrots.

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Sustainability Is Our Passion

At Liberty Delight Farms, we believe in raising healthy, happy animals, using sustainable methods, to produce all natural, great tasting meat for our neighboring communities.  Sustainability is one of the cornerstones of our thriving farm business.  Through environmentally sound agricultural practices, we ensure that we are stewards not only to our land but to the animals that reside here.

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THANK YOU! Also, I feel like we owe Liberty Delight a big thank you just for existing. We are new parents of a 10 month old (how did 10 months go by and I still have no idea what to do with this baby?!) and I'm pretty sure our daughter is a carnivore. Her favorite food is meat (though thankfully she's only bitten me twice). But we try to know where her meat comes from and really appreciate knowing it was humanely raised and can feel good with her eating it.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure over half of her calories right now come from meatballs of the various ground meats and shredded chicken and pork that we get from you.  So THANK YOU!

JenHome Delivery Customer

Been shopping there since day 1 of your store front... your slogan should be. "Liberty Delight just buy two of everything because it's just that damn good"

Jay Savin1st Day Customer

I will certainly express this on Saturday in person at Waverly.  I wanted you to know now, though, that the "beach box" was a total hit.  From the crab dip and crackers on our first evening at the beach, to the hot dogs and burgers, the late night pizza, the kettle corn snack, to the pancake breakfast our final beach morning.  It was full of great food and lovely surprises.

Ann H.Longtime 32nd Street/Waverly Farmers Market customer

Liberty Delight Farms is the reason I eat meat.  Knowing how well Farmer Shane treats his animals and the love that goes into their care, makes me feel good to be a carnivore. And damn are their products delicious!  You can find me grilling up some of their clean, grass-fed beef in burger form or tearing into a cowboy ribeye caveman style - and the flavor is just unbeatable.  The Berkshire pork is tender and addicting - served with apple butter or a tomato rhubarb compote for me, and simply seasoned with salt and pepper for my sweetheart. I ultimately eat what the animals eat; and being able to taste those fresh, wholesome ingredients is something you'll never find at a commercial grocery store. Shane and Liberty Delight Farms produce products that you can feel good about eating, and after eating them you'll never be able to eat any other products again!

Hangry District
Michelle ScholtesFood Blogger, Hangry District

Spike Gjerde, a James Beard award winning chef and owner of Woodberry Kitchen and Parts & Labor, commented after a visit to Liberty Delight Farms with his staff…..

“So much goes into what Shane does.  I hope you don’t leave here without a sense of whenever beef  is on our menu, you’ll know where it came from and how much work went into it.  Shane is right up there among the best beef providers in the area.”

Spike Gjerde
Spike GjerdeJames Beard award winning chef and owner of Woodberry Kitchen and Parts & Labor

I’ve known Shane for a long time, over 10 years.  He provides a marvelous home for Great Pyrenees.  The care of the dogs is so important, so many dogs come back because people don’t spend the time to work with the dogs and teach them what they are supposed to do.  Shane has an amazing ability to connect with the dogs quickly and make them feel at home.  I always know the dogs I send to him will be well cared for.

Victoria Marshman
Victoria MarshmanFoster Coordinator, Appalachian Great Pyrenees Rescue Organisation