There is something to be said when you are driving past a farm and see animals grazing freely with not a care in the world! Liberty Delight Farms claim to Fresh Meat, Raised Right is genuine, justifiable and authentic. Our animals have unlimited access to the outdoors, fresh air and clean, natural spring water. By providing them with pasture and forest land, it allows them to live in an environment conducive to their needs and engage in natural behaviors. Environmentally by rotating pastures, we are able to help conserve the soil, reduce erosion and water pollution. We are also able to eliminate waste management problems as our animals fertilize the soil naturally with their manure!

Animals raised in open pasture and woodlands enjoy a much higher quality of life than those confined in “factory farms”. Animals living in restricted spaces are more prone to disease, injury and stress. Documentation shows that for the consumer, pasture raised meats have lower levels of saturated and total fats as well as higher levels of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. The end result is tastier and more nutritious meat!