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Meat Crafters are proud of their artisanal techniques that not only produce a high quality line of old world and unique new world flavored salamis, but garnish acclaim from some of the top chefs in the United States.

Sliced Duck Breast Prosciutto – All natural Magret du Moulard duck breast seasoned with juniper, garlic, bay leaf, and Tellicherry black pepper, and dry cured for 2 months. Despite what anyone tells you, this is our favorite child! We sliced it so you don’t have to. Just open and enjoy!

Rosemary Lamb Salami – A cured version of our highly popular fresh rosemary lamb sausage, the Sliced Rosemary Lamb Salami is made with fresh rosemary, a touch of cayenne, and garlic.

Sliced Lomo – All natural Duroc pork loin seasoned with smoked paprika, garlic, oregano, French thyme, and rosemary, then dry cured for 2 months. They sliced it so you don’t have to. Just open and enjoy!

Beef Liver Paté – Paté lovers rejoice! …and non-paté people, just hear us out. This country-style paté is everything rich and buttery that you love about paté with none of the metallic aftertaste or cloying fat that you don’t. It is hand-crafted with care by the team at MeatCrafters, using the best beef liver in the world and just the right amount of seasoning, then light smoked until perfection is reached. Try it—you will be so very happy you did! To serve: remove the red liner, bring to room temperature, and spread on crackers or toast with some sliced cornichons on the side.

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Duck Breast Prosciutto, Sliced Duck Breast Prosciutto, Rosemary Lamb Salami, Sliced Lomo, Beef Liver Paté