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CAnE Collective is a Baltimore-based Black-owned company. The C, A, and E in CAnE Collective were created by Clinton Jackson Alexander, Aaron Joseph, and Ezra Allen. They thought something was missing from the spirits industry, especially from rum, which was their favorite spirit. They developed craft mixers by combining their decades of experience in the bar and hospitality industries.

CAnE Collective brings the flavors of creative mixology into the comfort of anyone’s home. Even though I enjoy a good drink, I’m not really sure what flavors go well together. CAnE Collective eliminates the guesswork and (often futile) creativity, leaving you with a high-quality cocktail made with your preferred spirit. There’s no need to muddle, pinch, or juice anything.

Seasonal flavors vary.

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Guava Tiki Punch, CAnE Southside, Passion Fruit Jalapeno, Hibiscus Krewe Punch, Pomegranate Pear, Sweet Potato Old Fashioned Syrup, Spiced Pineapple Syrup