Our Dorset sheep are raised in Frederick and Washington County. Sheep are grazed on pasture and are all natural meaning no hormones, stimulants or antibiotics are added to their feed.Both horned and polled Dorsets are an all white sheep of medium size having good body length and muscle conformation to produce a desirable carcass. The fleece is very white, strong, close and free from dark fiber.

Dorset ewes weigh from 150 to 200 pounds at maturity, some in show condition may very well exceed this weight, Dorset rams weigh from 225 to 275 pounds at maturity. Dorsets are one of the few breeds that carry the “out-of-season” breeding characteristic. The ewes are good mothers, good milkers and multiple births are not uncommon.

The number of Polled Dorsets now in the country far exceeds the number of Horned Dorsets; however, this is not just the case in the USA; but is true also in other countries where Dorsets are popular. This is true simply because of the personal preference of the sheep producers.

Dorsets have grown in popularity to become the number-one white faced breed in the United States. Their numbers also make them the second largest breed in total numbers in the USA, ranking below only the Suffolk breed.