Our Simmental herd freely roams 6 different pastures on Liberty Delight Farms. The front pastures host our heifers and calves and the back, the Steer. The terrain at Liberty Delight is surrounded by natural preserve providing wonderful shade and healthy hills and rocks to climb. The cows tend to spend the day in the pastures eating fresh grass and basking in the sun and the evenings in their respective barns and private barnyards. Both the heifers and steer have full shelter and bedded areas to relax away from bad weather built on sustainable concrete that provides both stability and ease of cleaning. In the winter months all cows are treated to a mix of hay and haylage that churn in a mix wagon to maximise nutrient blend and consistently maintain an all natural grass diet.

Natural streams are funneled to sustainable watering stations providing the cows with fresh water all year long. This special gravity flow system never freezes and the overflow is strained and put back into the stream.

Currently we have two bulls that maintain the herd, strident measures are in place to eliminate any crossbreeding, every couple of years we rotate in a new bull.

It’s not an unlikely scene to see the farmer out in the field checking on the cows and bringing them apples, they all come running!